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Family law in Louisiana: Open marriage may mean irreparable rifts

Society has become much more liberal about marriage and what it means to individuals. In many respects how married couples in Louisiana conduct themselves within their marriages is distinctly personal. Still, there are family law rules that must be taken into consideration. But, there are certain decisions couples have made that have not been in the best interests of their marriages and that includes the decision to have open relationships.

Essentially, an open marriage means that each spouse can have physical and/or emotional relationships with other people as well as their spouses. In some cases, it seems to work. In many others, it doesn’t. Sometimes, a married couple doesn’t start married life in this fashion, but when a routine starts to set in and things get predictable and boring, they may agree to an open marriage scenario. It can, however, create problems to the extent that it ultimately splits a couple up.

Many couples believe if they set boundaries, their marriages will be safe from the emotions being with others intimately might stir up. But for most couples, that isn’t the case, especially when boundaries and rules become skewed. Sometimes an open marriage creates painful feelings that neither individual can get past.

These marriages can become strained beyond the point of being able to be saved. This may be the time when each spouse would benefit from the advice of a Louisiana family law attorney. A lawyer is in a position to be able to offer guidance with issues like child custody, spousal support, property division and other issues that affect a divorcing couple legally.


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