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Inmate who robbed, inflicted abuse on elderly gets resentenced

An already-incarcerated 50-year-old woman serving time for aggravated robbery has had her sentence reduced from life to 30 years. The abuse the Louisiana inmate inflicted upon her elderly victims included pistol-whipping them prior to stealing their valuables. The woman has been behind bars for 22 years.

The woman was convicted of one count of burglary of an inhabited dwelling and five counts of aggravated burglary back in 1996. But at a recent resentencing hearing, a judge heard that the woman, who had had an addiction problem and had suffered abuses herself, was a changed person after spending more than 20 years in prison. She obtained her GED and took up photography and acting.

In fact, the judge said he would have reduced the woman’s sentence even further, but was bound by the law that said the minimum she could be given was 30 years since she was initially sentenced under Louisiana’s habitual offender law. The woman’s family is still trying to find a way to get her released sooner than 2026. When she is released, she said she plans on participating in a re-entry program.

Many elderly people fall victim to unlawful acts that include abuse in the most horrific form. Seniors who suffe any abuses — whether they be financial, emotional or physical — have the right to speak to a Louisiana attorney to discuss their options. If a senior cannot do so, his or her family members can do so. The law is definitive when it comes to elder abuse and spells out very clearly what will not be tolerated.


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