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Elder abuse on the rise, but more seniors reporting incidents

When it comes to abuse of the elderly, seniors can be both on the receiving and giving ends of things. Some Louisiana seniors in care who struggle with dementia display outbursts of anger and can be guilty of physical abuse of other elders. Dementia can change once placid people into those with violent tempers.

Stats show that one in 10 people age 65 or older has some form of dementia — many of them with Alzheimer’s disease. It is no wonder incidents of elder abuse are climbing. On a positive note, more seniors are reporting when they’ve been abused, whether that be at the hands of another senior or by a caregiver. Abusive behavior can come from a partner, a relative, a friend or a paid caregiver. 

Up until recently, most incidents of elder abuse have been swept under the rug. Most abuse happens in private, either in a senior’s home or in a place of care. Shockingly, as many as 20 percent of seniors around the world may be abused physically, while more than 50 percent may suffer other abuses like financial or emotional. Those with dementia are particularly vulnerable.

As science continues to investigate how dementia and violence are enmeshed, seniors continue to suffer abuse on many levels. Family members of these seniors may choose to discuss the situation with a Louisiana attorney. It may be that their loved ones are entitled to receive compensation for abuses suffered. The state has definitive laws to protect the elderly and elder abuse is unacceptable in any form.


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