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Child custody: Being a noncustodial parent in Louisiana

There are challenges when it comes to being a noncustodial parent after going through a divorce, one of which includes maintaining a positive relationship with the children. When it comes to child custody in Louisiana, the time noncustodial parents spend with their kids is governed, for the most part, by a calendar. But that doesn’t mean the kids, nor the parents need to suffer.

The rights of noncustodial parents may differ in each individual circumstance. These parents must understand what it means to them. If anything is unclear, the parent has the right to have clarification on when he or she gets to spend time with the kids and what he or she is entitled to do with them such as bringing them to medical appointments or to school or even talking with them on the phone when they aren’t with their children.

Even if a noncustodial parent deems the situation unfair, he or she should make the best of it for the children’s sake. Happy memories can still be made and a positive relationship can still be maintained. It’s crucial to keep involved in children’s lives since it has been proved that children do best emotionally when both parents are involved in their lives. It’s to a noncustodial parent’s benefit to work proactively with the other parent to ensure the health and happiness of their children.

Child custody issues in Louisiana come with complexities that some people may find hard to understand. A family law attorney can bring clarity to these types of situations. It is best for a noncustodial parent to have legal counsel to ensure he or she understands applicable rights and responsibilities under the laws of the state.


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