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Dixie Chick lead singer, husband battle over prenup in divorce

Understandably, celebrity marriage breakups are difficult for those involved. Unlike most Louisiana couples going through a divorce, their private situations are displayed in the media for all to see. Such is the case with the Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines and her estranged husband. They’ve been battling over the contents of a prenuptial agreement.

Maines’ husband, Adrian Pasdar, says he does remember signing the agreement, but doesn’t remember what events led to its contents. He is seeking spousal support from Maines and that is something that was apparently not mentioned in the agreement. Pasdar says his wife’s assets are much healthier than his, and he claims he doesn’t have the financial means to provide for their children or for himself.

The couple has been married for 17 years and have two sons. Maines asserts that Pasdar has been dragging his feet about the divorce. She has asked the court to have Pasdar pay more than $6,000 in sanctions and to turn over any documents pertaining to their situation. 

When there are contentious issues during a divorce situation, a Louisiana family law attorney may be able to offer a solution. In order to avoid possible complications regarding various legal documents like a prenuptial agreement, getting legal advice will ensure that all such legal documents are all-encompassing should they ever need to be invoked in the future. A prenuptial cannot be unconscionable, which is what Pasdar is claiming in regard to spousal support. If he is actually able to prove that, the prenup could be invalidated by a family court judge.


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