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Health care directive: Preparing for life’s curve balls

Growing old is something most of us don’t escape — if we’re lucky. Getting older doesn’t have to mean losing out on many of life’s adventures, especially for those Louisiana residents who have peace of mind having an advance health care directive in place. It’s comforting for people to know that they have something in place that allows someone to make health care decisions for them if they can’t. No one knows what life has in store and it’s better to be prepared.

Communicating wishes is as much for loved ones who, if there is no directive, would be left with decisions to make they may not be certain their loved one would have wanted. That may cause a lot of anxiety. Some people would choose not to have certain life-prolonging measures to take place, but if no one knows, they can’t direct caregivers to do what the person would have actually wanted or not wanted.

By having a health care directive, a person can spell out whether he or she would want to be on life support. It can also indicate whether he or she would want certain pain medications to be administered or even whether CPR should be administered. A directive could also include a do not resuscitate order if the person so chooses.

Louisiana residents who put off drafting a health care directive because they’re unsure what should be in it may want to enlist the advice of an estate planning attorney. There are certain stipulations that need to be understood when drafting any estate planning documents. A lawyer can clarify any areas that seem confusing and complex.


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