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Louisiana family law: Platonic parenting gaining popularity

Single individuals who are looking to have children are embracing a new phenomenon called platonic parenting. Louisiana family law rules still apply to this type of situation — where people agree to have a child together but don’t have a romantic relationship, but rather a friendship. They work positively to co-parent the child even though, apart from parenting, they maintain separate lives.

This sort of setup is also gaining popularity for parents heading for divorce. Some parents who divorce still choose to live under the same roof with their kids, but maintain a friendship with their former spouse. Some parents find this to be a better scenario for parenting their children. 

This a popular form of parenting among millennials who often grew up with divorced parents. Platonic parenting is usually well thought out in advance of having children. The individuals likely discuss and agree on things like how the children will be disciplined, living arrangements, schooling and the like. Since the relationship between the parents isn’t sexual or romantic, they can parent their children without using power, sex or drama.

Louisiana residents who are interested in this type of parenting would do well to obtain legal counsel. A family law lawyer can help to fashion a parenting agreement outlining such particulars like who the children will be with when, schooling, religion (if any), extracurricular activities and who should pay for what. Gone are the days when all families consisted of mother, father and children living under one roof until the kids fly the coop. With these kinds of changes, potential parents should be aware of the laws that protect children and a lawyer can impart that information.


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