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January 2019 Archives

Elder law: Granny cams allowed in all Louisiana nursing homes

Those who have been abusive to the elderly in nursing homes better smile because they may be on camera. Louisiana nursing homes now have to tell their residents that they are allowed to install security cameras in their rooms. Elder law in the state tries to ensure the well-being of senior citizens, and advocates of the move say this a step in the right direction. 

Estate planning in Louisiana after a divorce

Writing an estate plan is necessary, but can also be confusing. It can be doubly so when that estate planning happens after a divorce. But with knowledge comes wisdom and divorced Louisiana residents need to have comprehensive estate plans that speak to many important issues. Residents who already have estate plans, should revise them after a separation or a divorce.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and wife headed for divorce

The marriage of one of the richest men in the world is coming to an end. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife of 25 years, MacKenzie, are headed for divorce. When marriages break down in Louisiana and elsewhere in the country, family law rules apply even when -- as in Bezos' case -- a fortune of $137 billion is at stake. 

Mental capacity and estate planning in Louisiana

Not all people who have estate plans were in the best frame of mind when creating the various documents that go into those plans. In Louisiana for estate planning documents to be legally binding, the person must be of sound mind. In other words, they must have the mental capacity to understand what it is that is being written and what they are signing. People can have off days, it's true, and the matter of capacity is more important for certain documents like wills.

Louisiana Medicaid planning: Who qualifies for care?

Let's face it, everyone gets older, and sooner or later everyone may need some help managing life. Some may need more help than others and so Medicaid planning is essential in case the future holds taking up residence in a nursing home or a long-term care facility or if help may be needed for aging Louisiana residents to stay in their own homes. In order to be considered for Medicaid, a person has to meet certain criteria.

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