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Elder law: Granny cams allowed in all Louisiana nursing homes

Those who have been abusive to the elderly in nursing homes better smile because they may be on camera. Louisiana nursing homes now have to tell their residents that they are allowed to install security cameras in their rooms. Elder law in the state tries to ensure the well-being of senior citizens, and advocates of the move say this a step in the right direction. 

These cameras aren’t mandatory but can be installed if a resident wants one. Residents and/or their families are responsible for the cost, maintenance and upkeep of the cameras. The new law allows family members to monitor what happens with their loved ones in care and to make sure they’re being treated well. There are hopes that these cameras will halt elder abuse and pinpoint the cause of accidents or injuries to seniors.

Nursing home employees and other residents may be more mindful in the treatment of residents with these cameras monitoring actions. Most nursing home administrators are on board with the new law now that it lays some ground rules for the security cameras. Plus, it gives family members some reassurance that they will be able to look after their loved ones when they’re not there.

Louisiana residents who have questions regarding the law and how it pertains to their aging loved ones might find those answers from an experienced elder law attorney. In addition to a myriad of other tasks, a lawyer is able to explain nursing home residents’ rights and help to file nursing home claims when they arise. An attorney can also help with health care and estate planning, guardianship and other issues that pertain to elders. 


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