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Estate planning in Louisiana after a divorce

Writing an estate plan is necessary, but can also be confusing. It can be doubly so when that estate planning happens after a divorce. But with knowledge comes wisdom and divorced Louisiana residents need to have comprehensive estate plans that speak to many important issues. Residents who already have estate plans, should revise them after a separation or a divorce.

A former spouse will no doubt have been included in any existing estate plans, so it’s imperative any existing provisions are overhauled in that respect. Other documents, besides a will, may also need revisions such as a power of attorney, a health care directive, trusts or guardianship details pertaining to minor children. If life insurance policies and retirement plans are a part of the picture, they may also need updating.

Having beneficiaries updated is a wise idea since a former spouse may be named on various documents. All the changes should be dated post-divorce. In addition to making these changes, it might be a good idea to give a letter of intent to an attorney ensuring wishes are clear.

A Louisiana attorney can help a divorced client with estate planning, including estate plan revision. A lawyer should have a copy of the divorce agreement since he or she needs to know what, if any, obligations exist in terms of a former spouse in the event of the client’s death. Removing a former spouse from estate plan documents may make it less stressful for people to get on with their new lives.


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