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Louisiana Medicaid planning: Who qualifies for care?

Let’s face it, everyone gets older, and sooner or later everyone may need some help managing life. Some may need more help than others and so Medicaid planning is essential in case the future holds taking up residence in a nursing home or a long-term care facility or if help may be needed for aging Louisiana residents to stay in their own homes. In order to be considered for Medicaid, a person has to meet certain criteria.

To be considered eligible, a person has to be a U.S. citizen or a permanent legal alien. He or she must have a Social Security number, have a monthly income that’s three times lower than his or her monthly SSI benefit rate, have resources that are less than $2,000 if he or she is single or less than $3,000 if applying as a couple. Other criteria to be considered includes being under the age of 18 or 65 years of age or older, legally blind or disabled and receiving SS disability benefits or have that distinction made in Louisiana by a BHSF Medical Eligibility Determination Team.

Adults between the ages of 19 and 64 who have no dependents can apply for Medicaid as long as they can show their income is 138 percent below the poverty level designated by the federal government. Applications can be made in person, online, over the phone or by regular mail. Candidates will usually find out if their applications have been successful in about 45 days.

The going may be easier for Medicaid planning with the assistance of a Louisiana attorney. Understanding how Medicaid works in the state may increase the chances of a resident being approved by the program. A lawyer can help his or her client to grasp Medicaid qualification guidelines.  


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