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Spousal support modification in Louisiana divorce settlements

When a couple divorces, usually one partner ends up paying spousal support to another. Louisiana residents who do pay support to their former spouses or receive that support, may wish to have support modification at some point due to life’s changing circumstances. There is a formal way to seek such a modification — whether it is for a reduction in payment on the payor’s end or an increase in the payment from the perspective of the payee.

There are various reasons individuals seek support modifications such as when an adjustment is needed to keep in line with the cost of living. A cost of living clause in the original agreement may take care of this; however, if none exists, the issue may need to be addressed by the court. An escalator clause indicates that a payee will receive increased support if the payor’s wage increases. Again, if that clause is not included in the original agreement, a payee would need to petition the court. 

If a payor becomes ill or loses his or her job, a temporary payment order may be required. The same goes with the payee if he or she loses his or her job or become ill, the payor can be asked to increase support payments temporarily. Any changes in life circumstances may warrant a change in spousal support payments.

A Louisiana lawyer will be able to guide a client with any support modification issues. Whether the client is a payee or a payor of support, a lawyer will review individual cases and act according to the family laws of the state. An attorney will guide a client in the proper steps to take for such changes to a judgment of divorce or separate child support order.


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