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Louisiana adoption: Can a baby be adopted by a friend?

When a woman or couple is expecting an unplanned child, she or they often have to ask a lot of hard-hitting questions. It may be that the loving solution chosen is adoption. It’s never an easy decision for Louisiana residents to make, and adoption, which falls under family law, can be confusing. For instance, is it possible for a woman or couple to have a friend or someone they know adopt their baby?

The short answer is, yes. These types of adoptions are known as identified or independent adoptions, but just because the decision has been made that the baby will be adopted by someone the mother or parents know doesn’t mean it will be smooth sailing. There are a number of questions that should be answered when moving forward such as how well the person or people chosen to adopt the baby are known by the birth mother or parents and why the decision was made to choose them.

There should be no pressure to give a child up for adoption, and if there is, red flags should be raised, especially when that pressure comes from the likely adoptive parent(s). A birth parent must be able to respect the parenting style of those chosen to adopt as well as the possibility that their relationship with the adopting person(s) will change. Also, would the birth parent be fine with seeing the child on a regular basis?

A compassionate Louisiana attorney is able to help in the adoption process. Giving up a child is likely one of the hardest decisions a woman or birth parents will ever make and having a lawyer’s guidance when it comes to the legalities may help to alleviate some of the anxiety and uncertainty — whether a client is a birth parent(s) or an adoptive parent(s).  A lawyer will be able to ensure an adoption adheres to all state laws and will have the best interests of the child at hand. 


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