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Breaking divorce news to young children in Louisiana

Most parents go to great lengths to protect their children from pain, whether that be physical or emotional. Louisiana parents who have decided that divorce is the only way out of a painful marriage have the tough job of breaking the news to their kids. No matter how old children are, finding out their parents are separating or divorcing is never an easy thing to process. There may be a more gentle way of telling a younger child without totally devastating his or her life.

After telling the children, it’s crucial parents reinforce the fact that the divorce is not their fault and they will always be cared for and loved by each parent. They need to know that even though they will be living apart that each parent will continue to be there for them. The news needs to be delivered in an atmosphere of peace, not one in which each spouse blames the other. Parents need to discuss the dynamics of delivering this life-changing news to their kids, which includes comforting them. Children will likely have a lot of questions and parents need to be prepared to offer truthful answers that allay any fears kids may have without creating false hope of a reconciliation if that is not realistic.

Parents need to put their own issues on the back burner when telling their kids that they’re divorcing. It is not in the best interests of children to see anger between their parents when being told their lives will be changing. Parents need to be mindful of putting their children first, especially when sitting them down and delivering what could be, to them, the saddest news of their young lives.

Children will feel the pain of their parents’ divorce. But a Louisiana lawyer may be able to offer his or her client help, by way of family law tools, to become an exemplary co-parent. There are ways to make the news much less stressful for children and a lawyer may be able to offer some insight.


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