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Protecting Louisiana seniors with dementia suffering from abuse

There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing an elderly loved one get taken advantage of. It’s especially disconcerting when the senior has dementia. But there are some unscrupulous types in Louisiana who wouldn’t bat an eye scamming an elderly person out of his or her money. It is one of the worst and most prevalent forms of elder abuse today.

People who have been diagnosed with dementia may be easily talked into giving their money away. If groups are asking for money, another family member can ask to that their loved one be taken off a mailing list. These elderly people can also be removed from mailing lists of organizations that call to solicit funds. Family members can also help their loved one with opening mail, paying bills and keeping an eye on the financial situation. Some elderly people don’t remember who they did or did not give money to.

An individual can agree to have someone act on his or her behalf with a durable power of attorney. This one way of keeping a loved one’s finances safe. Family members might also consider contacting an attorney who is experienced in elder law.

A Louisiana attorney may be able to help family members whose loved one is suffering some sort of elder abuse to understand what their options are. It may be that the senior is no longer able to make logical decisions on his or her own. A lawyer would be able to assess each case and help concerned family members who may be wishing to become a guardian or conservator.


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