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Visitation in Louisiana: When one parent won’t see the kids

When children are left looking out the window for the parent they’re expecting only to be disappointed yet again, it can wear on their self-confidence and sense of security. Their parents may be divorced, but they’re very much still connected to their moms and dads and inconsistent visitation is not in a child’s best interests, nor is it conducive to his or her positive mental health. Louisiana parents who don’t show up for their kids are not placing their needs first because children need connection with those who matter most in their lives.

Unfortunately, apart from talking with a no-show parent, there is nothing more the other parent can do legally. Being confrontational and angry with a former spouse or partner won’t help matters. The parent who is there for the child can comfort him or her over missing an absent parent and try to help the child who may be feeling rejected. 

If one parent just doesn’t bother to keep his or her visits, the other parent must try to explain to the children that they’re loved by both parents. Making excuses for the absent parent is not wise, but assuring kids they’re loved no matter what, is. Perhaps children can be told that there is a lot going on in the other parent’s life that makes it difficult for him or her to get to see them.

There are so many issues that go along with divorce. Visitation is just one of them A Louisiana attorney may be able to help a client to fashion a co-parenting agreement that outlines a visitation schedule. When necessary, in the case of absentee parents, a lawyer may be able to direct a client to other professionals such as family therapists.


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