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Need for a health care directive increases as a person ages

Baby boomers are fast reaching retirement age in Louisiana. As that occurs, many of them may not yet have addressed end-of-life issues with their loved ones. No one knows the number of their days on earth, but everyone knows the number is finite. If one were to suddenly become unable to communicate, is there a person who has been empowered to communicate one’s final wishes? A health care directive empowers a person to communicate wishes regarding health care and end-of-life care for a person who is no longer able to.

Communicating one’s wishes to family members necessitates having a discussion few people are comfortable having. Knowing that one’s final wishes are known and will be carried out can provide great peace of mind. When designating who that person will be, one should consider the person’s ability to make life and death decisions at a difficult and highly emotional time.

Are hospitals are getting involved in this sue that will become more critical as a large portion of the population gets older. When a person comes into a hospital for treatment, he or she is typically asked if one has a health care directive or a living will. If a person does not reply in the affirmative, he or she may be encouraged to get a document in place and hospitals may even provide information on how to accomplish that.

Facing the end of one’s life is never easy. Realizing that a sudden heart attack or stroke could leave one unable to communicate is a terrifying thought. Being unable to communicate one’s wishes in such a circumstance could cause an already grieving family considerably more pain. In order to avoid this, one might seek the advice of an estate planning attorney in Louisiana to investigate the possibility of establishing a health care directive.


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