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The importance of organization in the divorce process

Couples whose marriages have broken down and who are thinking about ending their unions may give some consideration to preparing before taking a formal step. Divorce can be difficult in the best of circumstances and when Louisiana residents take some time to organize, the process may be less costly, less anxiety-inducing and may be more amicable. The first step may be to make a checklist of assets — both personal and joint.

Individuals should list such assets as bank accounts, credit card accounts, real estate, stocks and bonds and insurance policies. Estate planning documents should also be included in the mix as well as any documents for prepaid funerals. If pre or postnuptial documents are in existence, amassing these other papers may mean less time, anxiety and stress during a divorce.

Organizing documents according to classification will help professionals like lawyers and accountants to have speedy access to them if they should need them. For instance, all documents pertaining to property ownership should be together as should all documents pertaining to life insurance and assets like jewelry and/or fine art appraisals. Classifying the documents is also important to distinguish whether they belong to an individual or are a part of the marital union. 

The more organized a client is in regard to his or her divorce, the more quickly a Louisiana lawyer may be able to move the process along. Taking the time to get these papers in order may be time well spent. It may not only save money, but may keep the stressors associated with divorce at bay.


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