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3 major issues when considering child support payments

When a couple decides their marriage is no longer viable, there are many issues to consider. Louisiana couples who decide that divorce is their only option need to think about their children and their welfare. In making decisions regarding child support and custody, family court judges will always consider what they believe are in the best interests of the children.

Courts will almost always order one parent to pay child support regardless of a custody situation — whether one parent has sole custody or if the children are co-parented jointly. Child support guidelines vary from state to state, so calculating child support payments isn’t always easy. Each case will vary with individual circumstances.

Parents need to know, however, that child support payments can always be modified to reflect changes in life situations. There are many variables a court may consider such as spousal support, children’s ages, education and expenses. Child support will always take precedence over spousal support payments, no matter what the circumstances and often when changes are made to one payment schedule, modifications are made to the other as well. 

Child support payments are often contentious issues in divorce situations. But when children’s best interests are the focus of both parents, coming to terms on a support payment arrangement may be easier. A Louisiana attorney experienced in family law may be able to provide a client with help and guidance when it comes to children and divorce. A lawyer understands the importance of putting children’s best interests first and will advise his or her client bearing this in mind. 


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