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Adoption: What it takes to adopt a child in Louisiana

Adopting a child can be one of the more rewarding and fulfilling experiences an individual or couple can experience. Louisiana has definitive rules when it comes to adoption — putting the best interests of children in the forefront. There are certain criteria people must meet before they will be considered to be prospective adoptive parents, one of which stipulates that a person must be 18 years of age or older.

People can be single and still be considered as an adoptive parent, but a married couple both have to agree to the adoption. Those who have had legal or physical custody of a child for at least six months can petition the court to adopt the child. By the same token, relatives such as grandparents can also adopt as can stepparents or stepgrandparents.

The process cannot move forward until a home study is completed of which there are three stages: documentation, home inspection and interviews with all family members. The more information prospective adoptive parents can offer, the better their chances the process will end on a positive note. During a home inspection, social workers will look for a number of things such as safety aspects of the home like whether there is a fence around an in-ground pool and covers on outlets should the child be younger.

There are many more criteria that need to be met during the adoption process. A Louisiana lawyer may be able to help a client through the often stressful process and answer questions pertaining to the legalities of adopting in the state. Getting through the complex process having often confusing legal questions answered may make the journey more positive overall.


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