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Divorce affects education of children differently

Parents who go through divorce likely want only the best for their children. However, most children experience some impact from the ending of their parents’ marriages. Researchers have long assumed that children of divorce are less likely to complete high school or attend college. However, a recent study has shown that there is a bit more nuance to that assumption that Louisiana families may find informative.

The study looked at the cases of over 11,500 children and nearly 5,000 mothers. Researchers wanted to find out if divorce impacted kids from varying socioeconomic backgrounds differently. Their findings indicate that kids from more affluent families with a low likelihood of divorce are more likely to have lower of levels education if their parents end up divorcing. Conversely, kids from families with a higher expected rate of divorce see almost no effect on their education levels when their parents divorce.

Though the researchers admit that children from families that are less likely to experience divorce have increased levels of education overall, there are still some important takeaways. The study shows how significant the impact of divorce is in families who aren’t statistically likely to divorce. Kids from families that are often considered to be “better off” may feel greatly unsettled by their parents splitting up. The researchers admit that there are multiple factors that can increase the odds of a divorce and there may be more going on in the lives of the significantly-affected kids than they realize.

Despite this research, parents shouldn’t feel guilty about the end of their marriage. The hope is that, even when getting a divorce is the best option, children will go on to live as stable and happy lives as possible. Louisiana parents who are considering divorce may want to consult an experienced family law attorney who can help the process go as smoothly as possible.


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