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Nursing homes and financial abuse: What you should know

| Jun 5, 2019 | Uncategorized

In a nursing home, your loved one should be receiving the best care. There should be no concern about financial abuse or having your loved one taken advantage of. Sadly, some elders are taken advantage of and have their life savings drained or are left with less as a result of the actions of others.

Financial abuse in care means that someone’s property or money was taken without permission or fraudulently. While financial abuse of an elder typically involves a family member, anyone who has been trusted with their care may be involved in a case, including care providers.

How can you protect a nursing home resident from financial abuse?

If your loved one is entering a nursing home and is not mentally competent enough to control their money, or if they are but are worried about financial abuse, then you may want to consider appointing a representative or guardian for your parent or loved one. This person would then take over control of the individual’s finances, being charged with doing what’s in their best interests at all times.

The reason this so beneficial in a nursing home setting is that the elderly person won’t be able to give anyone else access to their finances. Instead, their representative will be in control and pay their bills, give them their monthly funds and so on. This prevents others from stealing directly out of the elder’s bank.

Another tip is to avoid allowing your parent or loved one to hold large amounts of cash in a nursing home.The staff or other residents may take advantage of cash that is left lying around, taking it for their own purposes. If you want your loved one to have some cash, make sure it’s not much and that it’s secured when they’re not using it, like in a lockable dresser.

Here’s a good example of something you can do. If you come to the nursing home twice a week and your parent wants cash for the candy machine or other activities, you can give them a small allowance each time you come. If you find that the money is being spent unusually or that it’s getting lost between visits, you can look into the situation and see if your loved one is being taken advantage of by others in the nursing home.

If your loved one is a victim of financial abuse in Louisiana, your attorney can help you file a lawsuit.


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