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Firearms being used more in domestic violence cases

Statistics show that guns play a large role in U.S. cases involving violence in the home. Chances are that Louisiana residents who have been involved in domestic violence situations have had a firearm involved in one or more incidents. More than 50 women are fatally shot by their partners every month in the country. In fact, more than half the mass shootings in America — where four or more people are killed — involve domestic violence.

Domestic abuse can also involve threats using a firearm. Statistics show that more than four million women have been threatened and/or controlled by a partner using a firearm. Experts suggest that authorities need to crack down on issuing firearms permits to those who shouldn’t be getting them. Background checks need to be more thorough, they say. 

Residents who have been convicted of domestic violence should be required to surrender any firearms they have in their possession and prevented from buying them in the future. Louisiana is one of the states that requires those convicted of domestic abuse or who have protective orders against them to turn over their firearms. Firearms dealers in the state also must notify local authorities if a person prohibited from purchasing firearms attempts to do do. Louisiana is only one of 29 states that has this type of law in place. 

Louisiana residents who find themselves on the receiving end of domestic violence may find help by talking to an attorney. There may be things a lawyer can do legally to help such a client, like filing a retraining order against the alleged abuser. Having a lawyer on one’s side in these types of situations may help a client to access help in difficult and often dangerous cases. 


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