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Health care directive a necessary document for the elderly

Having a plan in place for when individuals can no longer make decisions for themselves is crucial. An advance health care directive may be one of the most important documents an aging Louisiana resident can have. It allows a person to share his or her wishes when it comes to things like whether or not to take life-saving measures, and it can also help medical staff when caring for a patient who may not be able to convey his or her wishes.

When a health care directive is in place, decisions can either be made by an individual acting as a health care surrogate or by physicians. The same objective can be accomplished with a health care power of attorney. The costs to create such an important document is typically minimal, yet the necessity for it can’t be overlooked. It may be best to have a doctor certify that the person creating the health care directive was of sound mind when he or she did so. 

Louisiana has a Living Will Declaration Registry. By filing a health care directive with the registry, health care providers and loved ones may be able to find a copy of residents’ health care directives in the event they are unable to provide them. A heath care directive is a backup plan if one isn’t able to speak or to convey his or her wishes in the event of a health crisis. In essence, it defines what actions should and should not be taken when someone has an irreversible or incurable illness which ultimately means the person will die.

A Louisiana attorney can assist a client in writing a health care directive. These documents are extremely personal and a caring lawyer can offer legal advice to ensure his or her client’s wishes are clearly defined. A lawyer may also be able to keep the document safe should that be a client’s wish.  


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