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R. Kelly alleges former wife breaking divorce agreement

Musician R. (Robert) Kelly is asking a family court judge to send his former wife, Andrea, to jail. Louisiana residents may be familiar with the rap artist who is alleging his former wife is not living up to their divorce agreement by violating its confidentiality clause and by making disparaging remarks about him in public. She has apparently appeared on numerous broadcasts where she is said to have breached the divorce agreement.

R. Kelly’s legal team alleges that his former wife has profited from these appearances and should be forced to divulge the amount of money she has earned from them. However, his former wife’s lawyers have accused Kelly of violating the agreement himself by publishing a book in which he chronicles bits from his married life and the couple’s divorce. They assert that Kelly is using control and punishment to keep his former wife in line.

The couple was married in 1996 after R. Kelly’s annulment from his first wife. Andrea filed for divorce in 2006. The divorce became final in 2009.

There are issues that can crop up years after the divorce of a couple. When someone is affected by what is happening with a divorce agreement, he or she has may wish to seek the advice and guidance of a Louisiana attorney experienced in divorce law. The laws that accompany divorce and separation can lead people to have questions that a lawyer would be able to answer, even if those questions are seeking clarification. A lawyer may be able to shed some light on areas that are confusing and when there are issues, may be able to assist a client on how to best tackle them.



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