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Family law: The advent of the infidelity postnuptial agreement

There are some very definitive things some couples are doing to ensure the success of their marriages. Having a postnuptial agreement drawn up by a family law attorney may be one of those things. But there is a new document on the table today and some Louisiana couples may have added it to their important documents — an infidelity postnuptial agreement.

The agreements usually come into play after one partner has been unfaithful in the marriage. The documents usually stipulate that there will be some financial restitution to pay if the spouse is ever unfaithful again. They are sometimes known as lifestyle clauses inserted into postnuptial agreements or could be documents on their own. These agreements can often help a couple move forward after an affair or an infidelity and can be drafted by a family law attorney.

Although postnuptial agreements aren’t yet common with middle income couples, they are used among the more wealthy and celebrity couples. But many lawyers say they are becoming more commonplace. Lifestyle clauses are looked upon as being guidelines in the marriage and can also spell out who is responsible for what in the relationship — like who does the housework and when vacations are taken, etc. They don’t always have a financial figure attached to them.

With relationships constantly evolving, a client may wish to speak to a Louisiana family law attorney on what documents may best serve his or her particular situation. There are some documents which may help to make a marriage stronger and a lawyer can explain how each of these works. A lawyer may also be able to assist a client in negotiating these documents.


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