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Nursing home negligence: Louisiana gets an F for seniors’ care

Seeing that senior citizens are taken care of is the responsibility of everyone. Louisiana nursing homes have been notorious for nursing home negligence. One nonprofit group which dedicates itself to improving seniors’ quality of life in nursing homes says Louisiana has received a failing grade over the last three years for keeping seniors safe, and neglect seems to be running rampant.

The group says that one of the most contentious issues is the lack of staff in these homes and because of this, seniors just aren’t getting adequate care. One home in particular was identified by this group as being particularly harsh when it comes to residents. This home is being investigated by both the State Department of Health and the local sheriff’s office. 

Residents and families are at the end of their ropes as evidence has shown horrendous conditions and lack of care. They say there just aren’t enough staff members to care for all residents’ needs and residents are suffering because of it. At the home in question, the sheriff’s office said it has been inundated with calls from residents and family members asking for help and reporting incidents.

Louisiana residents and/or their families who believe a senior is suffering because of nursing home negligence have the right to discuss their options with an attorney. A lawyer will review the evidence and offer advice on what measures to take and on how to proceed. A lawyer may be able to tell a client whether litigation may be a part of the process.


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