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Are divorce rates higher for couples with a special needs child?

Most parents love their children without conditions. Louisiana couples with special needs children — whatever those needs may be — may have increased stressful events that challenge them. It may also challenge the relationship they have as a couple and experts have wondered whether having a special needs child increases the odds that a couple may ultimately face divorce. 

The results of a 50-year study were recently made public and showed that couples who had special needs children weren’t, in fact, more likely to divorce — a finding that surprised some experts. It did show, however, that in smaller families, that rate was slightly higher — 2% higher to be exact. Oddly, couples with many children — but none who had special needs — the divorce rate was higher. The study suggested that perhaps couples with a special needs child who had other children, might have had an easier time to manage day to day with the increased help and support of their children.

The study offered couples with a special needs child hope that they could weather the complexities and hurdles they might face as a couple and as parents. Couples with special needs children aren’t more likely to divorce in the long haul. And additional children may even cement a couple’s relationship.

There are many reasons a Louisiana couple might choose divorce. They can be as unique as the couple itself. But when a client has questions regarding the questions surrounding divorce, he or she might wish to speak with a lawyer experienced in the laws that govern the process. Whatever the reasons are, an individual may be able to overcome any confusion regarding divorce when have some knowledge of what it may entail. 


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