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Domestic violence impacts child custody rulings in Louisiana

Divorce is particularly hard on children. It is particularly so when allegations of domestic abuse have been levied by one parent against the other. When it comes to child custody issues in Louisiana, family court judges will always do what is in the best interests of any children involved. As such, they take domestic violence allegations very seriously when deciding who should get custody of the children.

About three million children in the United States are witnesses to domestic abuse every year. The issues has become epidemic in its proportions. Family court judges must decide what is best for a child’s well-being and safety when making any decisions about custody, particularly when the child has been in a household where violence has taken place. A judge will ask to see evidence of violence and whether that violence was directed at the child or if the child was adversely affected; whether the child was in danger; the severity and frequency of the violence and whether criminal charges were filed.

Domestic violence will also affect visitation rights. In such instances, a family court judge may order supervised visitation or revoke visitation rights altogether. He or she may also order the parent to attend anger management or parenting classes before granting visitation.

There are many issues which can affect the outcome of child custody. A Louisiana lawyer can answer questions on how serious allegations or issues may affect child custody — whether a client has been accused of these allegations or has allegedly been on the receiving end of violence. A family law attorney may also be able to offer advice when it comes to what is best for the children involved.   


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