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January 2020 Archives

Estate planning without heirs? It's still necessary

Estate planning can be complex, but this is particularly true if you don't have heirs or a surviving spouse. In that case, you will need to be very specific in your estate plan when describing whom you'd like to have receive your assets. You'll also have to be cautious when choosing an appropriate health care proxy and power of attorney.

Opening up communication about estate planning in Louisiana

Nobody likes to talk about end of life issues. But for estate planning to be truly successful, Louisiana residents need to have heart-to-heart conversations about their plans with their loved ones. And it's not only about who will be getting what; it's also about what the individual making the plan wants regarding medical treatment when he or she is incapacitated and unable to make those decisions. There are some ways to get the dialogue going.

The many faces of domestic violence in Louisiana

Violence has far-reaching hands when it comes to many aspects of relationships it affects. Domestic violence can also have a profound impact on the finances of  Louisiana residents on the receiving end of that violence. The term violence within a domestic relationship can mean more than physical violence. The abuse can also be sexual, emotional, verbal, coercive, digital or financial.

Concerning elder law issues in Louisiana and beyond

There are many nursing homes and assisted living centers in Louisiana, as well as in most other states across the country. While an adult child of an elderly patient would no doubt hope he or she would never have need of an elder law attorney, it pays to know where to find help should a problem ever arise. In a perfect world, every nursing home and assisted living facility would function consistent with the highest safety standards. In reality, it does not always happen that way.

Special needs trusts can secure the future of a child

When Louisiana parents have a child with special needs, they may be able to provide that child with the services and medical care necessary only with the assistance of certain government programs. However, to qualify for these programs the child can only own assets with a total value under $2,000. A child may become ineligible for that critical assistance if his or her financial worth exceeds that amount, such as if the child receives an inheritance. This is why many parents create special needs trusts for their children who depend on such programs.

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