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Concerning elder law issues in Louisiana and beyond

There are many nursing homes and assisted living centers in Louisiana, as well as in most other states across the country. While an adult child of an elderly patient would no doubt hope he or she would never have need of an elder law attorney, it pays to know where to find help should a problem ever arise. In a perfect world, every nursing home and assisted living facility would function consistent with the highest safety standards. In reality, it does not always happen that way.

Numerous factors place elders at risk for abuse or nursing negligence. Those who suffer with dementia are particularly at risk because they might not be able to recognize signs of abuse or realize they are being mistreated. The abuse or neglect is not always physical — it can occur on an emotional, mental or financial level as well.

There are red flags that should definitely spark concern if observed. For instance, any type of bruise, laceration or other injury on a patient begs the question as to how the injury occurred. A concerned family member would want to make sure the explanation offered sounds logical and reasonable according to the circumstances.

Dirty bed linens, foul odors, lacking of proper hygiene or abrupt mood swings in a patient are also causes for concern that warrant further investigation. Anyone in Louisiana who is worried about elder law issues may request a meeting with an attorney who is well-versed in this aspect of law. Legal consultation is always a logical first step to take toward protecting a patient’s rights, especially when there are indications of nursing negligence or abuse.


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