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Opening up communication about estate planning in Louisiana

Nobody likes to talk about end of life issues. But for estate planning to be truly successful, Louisiana residents need to have heart-to-heart conversations about their plans with their loved ones. And it’s not only about who will be getting what; it’s also about what the individual making the plan wants regarding medical treatment when he or she is incapacitated and unable to make those decisions. There are some ways to get the dialogue going.

Bringing up an estate planning article that deals with the subject may get people more open to talking about these things. The conversation needn’t be forced, but could be brought up saying some thought is being given to estate planning and what that might look like. Not talking about estate planning could create difficulties, so even when it’s initially uncomfortable to bring up, once the topic is out in the open, loved ones are more apt to offer their input.

The last thing anyone would want to have happen is family members fighting over an estate. Communicating about things gives a chance for loved ones to weigh in on important issues prior to any estate planning documents being finalized. It may also be an opportunity to discuss things like executor roles and powers of attorney.

Speaking with a Louisiana estate planning attorney may give a client the tools to help him or her discuss estate plans with family members. Knowing what an estate plan consists of can help a client to share his or her wishes with loved ones. It’s better to have as much information as possible to share with family members when discussing these important issues and all the things that go with them.


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