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What Louisiana parents can learn from celebrity divorce cases

When Louisiana parents decide to end their marriage, they must resolve numerous issues pertaining to their children. Some parents have never been married but also have issues to resolve if they decide to end their romantic relationships. Many celebrities have made the headlines because of divorce issues such as child support and custody disputes, the details of which can often help other parents avoid similar problems.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have been in and out of court since their divorce in 2007. Typically, a change in a parent’s income or financial lifestyle can prompt litigation. When Federline learned that Spears had secured a high-priced luxury home, he filed a petition to request an increase in the $20,000 per month child support she was paying at the time. A court has children’s best interests in the forefront, though it will want to see evidence of need before it modifies an existing court order.

If a Louisiana parent believes his or her children are at risk in the presence of the other parent, a request can be filed for sole custody. Superstar Janet Jackson filed a similar petition after receiving a phone call from her son’s nanny that raised concerns about his safety while in his father’s custody. A parent seeking sole custody must convince the court that it is in the children’s best interests because the trend is toward granting shared custody and parenting time.

Physical safety is not always the issue when a Louisiana parent seeks sole custody in a divorce. Celebrity actor/model Tyrese Gibson convinced the court that his children would have more room in his home over their mother’s, and that living with him full-time would shield his kids from the constant flux of paparazzi that lingered near their mother’s home. Each of these celebrity cases shows the importance of understanding applicable laws in order to protect one’s parental rights and to secure an outcome in court that is truly focused on children’s best interests.


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