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Estate planning that keeps the peace among beneficiaries

One of the last things people want is having family members fight over their assets after they’ve died. Good estate planning is a primary key to ensure that doesn’t happen. There is help for Louisiana residents who want to keep the peace in their families when it’s time for their estate planning documents to be invoked. Knowing what a thorough estate plan includes is one way of keeping squabbles at bay.

It’s true that having an estate plan containing all pertinent documents and perhaps trusts is vital. But just as important is having an open, honest conversation with loved ones about what those documents should contain. Having children and other potential beneficiaries weighing in on an estate plan could save much grief in the long run.

Experts say a grantor should really give considerable thought to naming a child or close loved one to act as a trustee if trusts are involved. It can be a complicated job and better done by a lawyer or someone well-versed in financial aspects. Having someone who knows what he or she is doing may save time and money and perhaps stave off possible litigation. Also, if children have been known not to agree on important issues, setting up separate trusts for each might also be a wise decision. 

A Louisiana lawyer experienced in estate planning can help to fashion an estate plan that is fair to beneficiaries and in keeping with a client’s individual situation. The death of a loved one is already stressful, so having an estate plan that leaves no room for questioning by loved ones is a major goal. A lawyer is typically the best person to help someone fulfill that goal. 


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