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When it makes sense to wait for divorce

Facing significant life transitions such as moving or losing one’s job is already difficult enough as it is. Add divorce on top of these matters and life can feel much more complicated. This is why some unhappy couples in Louisiana may want to consider whether waiting to file for divorce would be the best option for their unique situations.

There are around 17.3 million Americans who are on government aid after either losing their jobs or being furloughed. Filing for divorce when one’s spouse is on these benefits can have unintended consequences when it comes to getting things like spousal or child support. Courts usually only consider income that comes from a business or employer when ordering support, so a woman who has been out of work and needs financial help until she is self-sufficient could end up getting nothing. Waiting until a spouse resumes working might be the better option here.

Even though many people are out of work, 39% of people in America are thinking about leaving crowded cities and moving to smaller cities and less populated areas. Most are thinking about the long term, like where in Louisiana they can put down roots and enroll their children in school. Starting a divorce in the middle or shortly after this transition can be hard, especially if one or both spouses want to return to their home city. Consider the financial costs of moving and divorcing as well as the emotional cost of moving children multiple times before making a decision.

It is understandable that someone may want to end an unhappy marriage as soon as possible. Unfortunately, life is not always straightforward and doing so can be more difficult than one expects. However, it may still be a good idea to speak with an experienced attorney about helpful steps to take before actually filing for divorce.


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