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Louisiana teachers may be able to help students deal with divorce

More and more children today have to deal with the reality of their parents separating. In fact, 50 percent of divorce situations in the United States today involve kids. Louisiana kids are no different and since children spend many hours each weekday in school, it makes sense that their teachers might be able to help their students whose parents are separating. Teachers usually have the respect of their students, and it is important that children going through divorce be heard, understood and cared for. In many instances a teacher can provide the care and nurturing these kids need.

What it takes for a successful adoption in Louisiana

Welcoming a child into a family is one of the most exciting and wonderful events in life. It doesn't matter if the child came to the family biologically or through adoption -- the love is present in either circumstance. Many children in Louisiana are looking for their forever families and those considering adopting a child would do well to know the state's adoption requirements.

Making the transition from fostering a child to adoption

There are thousands of children in the United States in foster care. Some of those children in Louisiana are placed with families who fall in love with them and the question of adoption comes up. Luckily for the family, most adoptions stemming from foster care are eligible for an adoption tax credit, which lets those who adopt foster kids to claim expenses associated with the adoption on their federal tax returns.

Tables turn on domestic violence accuser who's now facing charges

The woman who accused an NFL referee of violence is now facing similar charges of her own. The woman filed a temporary restraining order against NFL line ref Carl Johnson with whom she lived from 2016 to 2017, which led to a domestic violence investigation in Louisiana. However, after a police investigation, Johnson was cleared, and it is the complainant who is now charged not only with domestic battery, but with filing a false police report, defamation and filing a false petition for a protective order.

Louisiana family law: Loeb files lawsuit for custody of embryos

The fight between Nick Loeb and Sofia Vergara isn't over yet. Loeb recently filed a petition in a Louisiana court against Vergara for the sole custody of the embryos they had placed in cryopreservation when the two were engaged to be married. Loeb chose Louisiana to launch his case since the state considers embryos natural persons under family law. In the western state where he and Vergara  (who has since married) reside, embryos are considered property.

Domestic violence victim pays abuser's legal fees

Many Louisiana residents understand the challenges facing an abused spouse who wants to leave his or her abuser. For many domestic violence victims, initiating a divorce is one of the most impactful choices they will make in life. Finding the courage to part ways is difficult enough, without having to jump through legal hoops to make the separation permanent. 

Abedin and Weiner to settle divorce outside of court

Many Louisiana residents are aware of the troubled marriage between Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner. Abedin worked as a top aide to Hillary Clinton for many years, while Weiner is a former congressman. The couple have made headlines over the past decade based on Wiener's recurring scandals. Few people were shocked when Abedin filed for divorce in 2017. The recent announcement that the couple has withdrawn their divorce petition did leave much of the public in deep shock and disbelief.

Father facing jail time in child custody case

Parents who are unable to work out a custody agreement may find themselves in front of a Louisiana court to have the matter settled. In such cases, all parties are expected to adhere to the rules of the court. Failure to do so can place either side at risk of being found in contempt of court or even charged with a crime. In a recent case, a man from another state was sentenced to prison time for recording a portion of his child custody case. 

Here's how the new tax structure will change spousal support

Few Louisiana residents enjoy making alimony payments. That said, many are at least partially comforted by the fact that spousal support payments can be claimed as a dollar-for-dollar tax deduction on their income taxes. That deduction is slated to end, however, based on the freshly passed and signed Republican tax bill. 

Child custody and a narcissistic parent: tips for success

A custody battle is never easy, neither legally nor emotionally. Going through a child custody case with a narcissist can be even more of a challenge. Many Louisiana spouses live for years with a partner who is self-centered and manipulative. When the decision is made to end the marriage, those character traits often take center stage. 

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