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Continuing Tutorship

A Continuing Tutorship is a legal process whereby the court decides that your child will not be competent to make decisions after he or she reaches 18 years old. Continuing tutorships are usually for children with special needs or disabilities who will be impaired from making their own decisions as an adult. Once a disabled child turns 18, the child is considered an adult and the parent may no longer make medical and financial decisions for the child.

Hidden assets can come with serious ramifications in a divorce

Chances are that couples ending their marriages may have not always been honest with each other on some important issues. That can certainly translate into the divorce arena, especially if the question of hidden assets arises. Louisiana residents who are divorcing should always disclose their assets to a soon-to-be former spouse -- primarily because it's the law and also because the consequences for not doing so could be severe.

What Louisiana parents can learn from celebrity divorce cases

When Louisiana parents decide to end their marriage, they must resolve numerous issues pertaining to their children. Some parents have never been married but also have issues to resolve if they decide to end their romantic relationships. Many celebrities have made the headlines because of divorce issues such as child support and custody disputes, the details of which can often help other parents avoid similar problems.

Divorce: Splitting assets upon your split

One of the aspects most readily touched by a couple whose marriage is ending, is finances. Divorce can make people do all kinds of crazy things. When it comes to money and divorce, Louisiana residents should know what they can do so their personal finances are protected in a divorce situation. No one likes to think former spouses would treat each other unfairly, but it does happen.

The many faces of domestic violence in Louisiana

Violence has far-reaching hands when it comes to many aspects of relationships it affects. Domestic violence can also have a profound impact on the finances of  Louisiana residents on the receiving end of that violence. The term violence within a domestic relationship can mean more than physical violence. The abuse can also be sexual, emotional, verbal, coercive, digital or financial.

Tips for Louisiana residents for a less tense divorce experience

There is never an outright easy way to end a marriage. However, Louisiana couples who have decided that divorce is their only option may find it less stressful and daunting knowing that there are some ways to make the process more tolerable -- for their own sakes and for the benefit of any children they share. The first word of advice from experts is not to go through things alone -- to make sure a support system of family and friends is in place.

Domestic violence impacts child custody rulings in Louisiana

Divorce is particularly hard on children. It is particularly so when allegations of domestic abuse have been levied by one parent against the other. When it comes to child custody issues in Louisiana, family court judges will always do what is in the best interests of any children involved. As such, they take domestic violence allegations very seriously when deciding who should get custody of the children.

Finding hidden assets during the divorce process

Often when couples divorce, one spouse is responsible for paying the other. Divorce can bring out the worst in people and in some instances causes the payor of spousal support to be less than honest when it comes to his or her financial picture. Hidden assets have become one of the top issues when it comes to Louisiana couples who have decided to end their marriages.

Divorce: What it is and what it is not

There are a number of reasons a couple decides to end a marriage. Although some Louisiana couples may share some of the reasons when making the decision to divorce, it's helpful to know what divorce actually means and what it does not mean. Divorce isn't an end-all for the problems a couple may have faced, so it's important to have realistic expectations about what divorce can accomplish.

Family law: Those things co-parenting is not

Raising a healthy, happy and well-adjusted child is a difficult process. Family law rules in Louisiana provide a guideline for parents to do just that. However, when divorce is part of the equation and co-parenting comes into play, it can be more difficult and, at times, seem overwhelming. Many parents in this situation have an idea of what co-parenting means, but they should also have a handle on what it does not mean.

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