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Divorce and the financial disclosure

Is it a simple oversight, or perhaps something more devious? The paperwork suggests one thing, but something just doesn't seem right. When it comes to divorce, determining how much one should pay in child support and alimony may require looking beyond the initial financial disclosures required by the Louisiana court.

Collecting Social Security spousal benefits after divorce

More than 95% of all American employees are covered by Social Security with the ability to collect benefits when they retire. For Louisiana residents who are married spousal benefits may figure into Social Security benefits. In the event of divorce, those benefits won't be lost, but it is important residents know their rights when it comes to how divorce can impact Social Security funds and what impact divorce might have on a retirement plan.

Breaking divorce news to young children in Louisiana

Most parents go to great lengths to protect their children from pain, whether that be physical or emotional. Louisiana parents who have decided that divorce is the only way out of a painful marriage have the tough job of breaking the news to their kids. No matter how old children are, finding out their parents are separating or divorcing is never an easy thing to process. There may be a more gentle way of telling a younger child without totally devastating his or her life.

Options for dividing the family home upon divorce in Louisiana

There are certain assets that must be divided when a couple divorces. Louisiana couples who own a home and who are in the midst of a divorce need to decide how they're going to deal with their family home. It may be the most emotionally-charged conversation soon-to-be former spouses may have since a family home is tied to many memories. There are basically three options available in this situation.

Visitation in Louisiana: When one parent won't see the kids

When children are left looking out the window for the parent they're expecting only to be disappointed yet again, it can wear on their self-confidence and sense of security. Their parents may be divorced, but they're very much still connected to their moms and dads and inconsistent visitation is not in a child's best interests, nor is it conducive to his or her positive mental health. Louisiana parents who don't show up for their kids are not placing their needs first because children need connection with those who matter most in their lives.

Family law: Divorce especially difficult on older couples

There is never a time when divorce is easy, but it can be especially challenging for people who are in their 50s or older. Thankfully, Louisiana residents who find themselves in this kind of situation have some tools under family law which might help them get through what could otherwise be a painful process. This is especially true since the divorce rate has nearly doubled since 1990 for those over the age of 50.

Louisiana adoption: Can a baby be adopted by a friend?

When a woman or couple is expecting an unplanned child, she or they often have to ask a lot of hard-hitting questions. It may be that the loving solution chosen is adoption. It's never an easy decision for Louisiana residents to make, and adoption, which falls under family law, can be confusing. For instance, is it possible for a woman or couple to have a friend or someone they know adopt their baby?

Spousal support modification in Louisiana divorce settlements

When a couple divorces, usually one partner ends up paying spousal support to another. Louisiana residents who do pay support to their former spouses or receive that support, may wish to have support modification at some point due to life's changing circumstances. There is a formal way to seek such a modification -- whether it is for a reduction in payment on the payor's end or an increase in the payment from the perspective of the payee.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and wife headed for divorce

The marriage of one of the richest men in the world is coming to an end. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife of 25 years, MacKenzie, are headed for divorce. When marriages break down in Louisiana and elsewhere in the country, family law rules apply even when -- as in Bezos' case -- a fortune of $137 billion is at stake. 

Child custody: Being a noncustodial parent in Louisiana

There are challenges when it comes to being a noncustodial parent after going through a divorce, one of which includes maintaining a positive relationship with the children. When it comes to child custody in Louisiana, the time noncustodial parents spend with their kids is governed, for the most part, by a calendar. But that doesn't mean the kids, nor the parents need to suffer.

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