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Hidden assets during a divorce in Louisiana is against the law

The trust level between spouses who are divorcing may already be strained. Add to that a spouse who is thought to have hidden assets and the situation can become even more volatile. This type of problem can occur in a marriage in Louisiana where financial transparency is nonexistent and when one spouse handles the financial affairs within the marriage. Often a spouse may hide assets when he or she has an inkling that a marital split is imminent.

Helping to make a Louisiana divorce less painful

When a couple decides to end their marriage, there are bound to be many emotions surrounding the split. No matter what the circumstances, Louisiana couples who divorce are bound to have some pain, but there are ways to minimize that when moving forward. One of the main things for each person to think about is what they want to have happen during the divorce process.

Child custody: Parenting out of 2 homes can be challenging

There are many adjustments to be made by everyone involved in a divorce situation. When it comes to child custody, parenting out of two homes can be a challenge, but with some good advice and care, children in Louisiana will adjust to their new ways of life. It's important that kids feel like they have a home with both their parents, regardless of how much time they spend there.

What adult kids want their parents to know about divorce

Children often bear a rash of negative emotions when their parents split up. That doesn't mean the kid is a minor, either. Many times, adult children in Louisiana whose parents have decided to divorce take it even harder, especially when their parents have been married for many years. It's never easy for kids -- no matter how old they are -- to hear their parents' marriage is ending and there are some things adult kids would like their divorcing parents to know.

Family law in Louisiana: An unmarried father's rights

In the 21st century, more and more couples are having children without being married. Family law provisions in most states, including Louisiana, make it clear that fathers who have established paternity have rights in these instances, even when the relationships end. One of the most important laws across the United State is that when a child is born to unmarried parents and paternity is not presumed, the father doesn't have any rights when it comes to decision-making for the child, visiting the child or shared custody, so the first order of business is to establish paternity.

Family law: Finding hidden assets in a divorce situation

When couples make the decision to part ways, the things they tell each other or don't tell each other may be skewed. Such is the case, at times, when it comes to divulging all assets. Louisiana family law, as in other states, requires full transparency when it comes to each person's assets. And there are some ways those assets may be uncovered if not disclosed voluntarily.

Louisiana family law: Legal age limits

Louisiana is a state known for its parties. With place like New Orleans and Mardi Gras festivities, it's important to know what the legal ages are for celebrating at some of these venues. Family law rules separate minors from adults with definitive specifications for certain things like drinking alcohol. The age of majority in Louisiana is 18, as it is in many states.

More same-sex couples in Louisiana considering adoption

Rights for same-sex couples have come a long way. Changes have also occurred in same-sex couples and the adoption of children, even though the process may be slightly different from heterosexual couples. Same-sex couples in Louisiana can legally adopt children, but may have to wait longer and be prepared for some stressful, emotional times that can come with the adoption process.

Family law: Naming a guardian for children

The last thing people want to think about is not having the right guardian in place for their children in case the unforeseen should happen and they pass away. Family law rules in Louisiana pave the way for parents to name a guardian for their minor children in the event of their untimely deaths, but it likely is one of the most difficult, yet most important decisions they may make. No parents want their children to be cared for by just anyone, but that might be a possibility if they don't name a guardian in a formal, written document.

Louisiana teachers may be able to help students deal with divorce

More and more children today have to deal with the reality of their parents separating. In fact, 50 percent of divorce situations in the United States today involve kids. Louisiana kids are no different and since children spend many hours each weekday in school, it makes sense that their teachers might be able to help their students whose parents are separating. Teachers usually have the respect of their students, and it is important that children going through divorce be heard, understood and cared for. In many instances a teacher can provide the care and nurturing these kids need.

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