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Family law: Louisiana parents may need to work on communication

Once two people have children together, they are connected for the rest of their lives. While this notion may bring joy to some people, it may come as a more difficult idea to grasp when a once happy marriage turns into a situation warranting divorce. However, parents remain parents even if they do not remain husband and wife, and therefore, Louisiana residents may want to work toward avoiding certain custody and other family law issues.

Family law issues may affect health of Louisiana children

Everyone faces some sort of health risk in their lives. In many cases, people are not even fully aware that they are putting themselves at risk or that others are potentially affecting their health. However, Louisiana parents may be interested to know that divorce and other family law issues could negatively affect the health of their children. 

Family law: Co-parenting may interest Louisiana parents

Individuals in a blended family may worry about the potential conflicts between biological parents and stepparents. Family law issues relating to child custody and visitation could be concerns for divorced parents looking to remarry. Luckily, there are options that parents could take advantage of if they are able to remain civil toward one another. 

Family law: Johansson facing custody conflicts with soon-to-be ex

Divorcing with children can be difficult for anyone. Even celebrities are not spared from this area of family law as many well-known individuals face custody conflicts. Louisiana residents may be interested in a recent situation involving actress Scarlett Johansson and her estranged husband Romain Dauriac. The couple has been separated for several months, and Johansson recently filed for divorce.

Family law: Louisiana parents may want legal custody terms

Facing child custody issues can be hard for any parent. However, if Louisiana parents do not have a legally binding custody agreement in place, their issues may face additional complications. Therefore, individuals may wish to speak with experienced family law attorneys in order to get their terms in order. 

Family law options may help with Louisiana custody proceedings

Facing marital difficulties in the home can be stressful. In many cases, the strain may result in individuals choosing to file for divorce. If children are involved, this area of family law could become more complex. Louisiana parents will undoubtedly want to ensure that their children do not face any serious negative repercussions during the proceedings. 

Custody, parental rights at forefront of family law case

Louisiana residents may be interested in a situation taking place in another state involving the custody of a 3-year-old girl. The family law case is underway due to the girl's biological father seeking custody after his recent release from jail. Apparently, the girl's mother had lost custody of the child due to drug issues, and a family began fostering her when she was 3 weeks old. 

Splitting the home may be concern in Louisiana family law cases

Divorce proceedings can lead to different outcomes depending on the agreements made. Each aspect of the process can come with a myriad of decisions to consider, and one area of family law that divorcing Louisiana residents will likely want to give great consideration is property division. Specifically, determining what to do with the home the couple previously shared may be a priority.

Child custody may be family law concern in Louisiana

When going through divorce, many Louisiana parents likely find that their main concerns center around the well-being of their children. Because divorce can be a messy affair in many instances, these concerns are understandable, and parents may wonder how they could actively work to make the situation less daunting for their kids. Luckily, there are family law aspects that could help parents arrange custody agreements that work for everyone involved.

New Obama administration rules could affect family law

It is not unusual for Louisiana parents to struggle when it comes to keeping up with child support. Unfortunately, these struggles could potentially lead to parents being put in jail for back support payments. As a result, these parents may face a vicious cycle of incarceration, missed payments and re-incarceration for missing those payments. However, certain changes that could soon take place involving this area of family law could help break this cycle.

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