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Louisiana Business Formation

Whether you are starting a new business or a new venture, choosing the right business entity can provide you the flexibility and tax treatment you need to be successful. More importantly, it can protect your personal assets and other businesses you own from liability if the enterprise should fail or be sued.

At Nicaud & Sunseri Law Firm, LLC, our lawyers help form corporations, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships and other types of business entities in Metairie, New Orleans and throughout southern Louisiana. We offer a consultation to discuss your aims and help you choose a suitable entity.

Business entities can be used to:

  • Provide a corporate shield to protect your personal assets from the results of the business
  • Hold commercial real estate to protect you from premises liability claims, foreclosure and other issues
  • Protect one business from the results of another business
  • Minimize taxation

In addition to forming new business entities, our lawyers draft partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, operating agreements, bylaws, buy-sell agreements, employment contracts, non-compete agreements and other types of business contracts. Defining business relationships at the start of your business venture can help you avoid costly disputes and litigation later.

One of the reasons businesses fail is that they failed to plan for all scenarios. If the business is successful, partners need only agree how to split profits. However, if the business needs additional investment or a partner wants to do something else, the agreements will determine the rights of the parties.

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