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Elder Abuse And Financial Exploitation

The Louisiana Department of Health receives more than 7,300 reports of elder abuse each year, but the number of cases in the state is undoubtedly higher, as elder abuse often goes unreported.

If you believe your loved one is being abused or financially exploited, the elder law attorneys of Nicaud & Sunseri Law Firm, LLC, can help you put a stop to the abuse and hold the abuser accountable.

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Financial Exploitation Is A Growing Problem

With baby boomers aging, the exploitation of vulnerable adults has been on the rise, and Louisiana has passed laws in an effort to protect seniors. In fact, not only is elder abuse illegal in Louisiana; it is also a crime not to report suspected cases of abuse, exploitation and neglect.

While financial exploitation can be difficult to recognize, the reality is that many families in Louisiana have seen their elderly loved ones abused in this way.

Who Are The Culprits?

Unfortunately, elder abuse and financial exploitation can occur in just about any setting where senior citizens spend time, including personal residences, nursing homes and hospice care facilities.

The culprits include siblings, children and grandchildren of the victims, as well as nurses, staffers, neighbors and strangers. Some common indicators of financial abuse include:

  • Large bank withdrawals
  • New “friends” hanging around
  • Questionable sales of the elderly person’s property
  • Questionable access to the adult’s money and resources
  • Refused visitor access at a care facility or nursing home
  • Limited access to phones, computers and other communication devices

In any case, if you suspect financial exploitation or nursing home abuse, speak with an elder law attorney as soon as possible about your options.

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