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Louisiana Conservatorship And Guardianship

Provisions for conservatorship and guardianship can be included in your will to ensure that a vulnerable loved one or your minor children are cared for in your absence. By taking action now, you can be reasonably certain that the care of your loved one will be in the hands of a responsible, caring person.

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Legal Conservatorship

Without caring friends and relatives, individuals with special needs can be exposed to a wide variety of negative situations. By naming a conservator in your will, you can help ensure that your loved one with a disability receives the care and attention he or she needs and deserves. Establishing conservatorship can also protect your loved one from financial exploitation and abuse.

In the event that a conservator has not been named, our attorneys can assist with a petition for interdiction. This is a legal process whereby the court is asked to determine whether a person is able to make and communicate decisions regarding his or her person and property.

Our lawyers also have extensive experience in establishing special needs trusts for vulnerable loved ones.

Guardianship Provisions

In Louisiana, if parents die without a will and are survived by minor children, the court will intervene and name a guardian for the kids. However, the court’s appointment of a relative or family friend is not always in the children’s best interests, and the court’s decision may not align with the parents’ wishes. Additionally, the children may be placed in an institutional home or foster care until a permanent adoptive home is determined.

If you have minor children, it is important that your estate plan includes provisions for guardianship. In your will, you can name a guardian who is properly suited to raise your children according to your wishes. Establishing guardianship can also minimize uncertainty and help your children transition as smoothly as possible in the event that they lose their parents.

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