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Special Needs Trusts/Supplemental Needs Trusts

With help from a skilled estate planning attorney at Nicaud & Sunseri Law Firm, LLC, you can properly set up a special needs or supplemental trust for a disabled loved one or minor.

Our firm has offices in Metairie and St. Tammany Parish, and we offer a initial consultation to explain the benefits of a special needs or supplemental needs trust and how we can help you correctly implement one to protect a vulnerable loved one.

Benefits Of A Special Needs Trust

A special needs or supplemental needs trust will help prevent you from having to disinherit a vulnerable loved from your estate because you fear that an inheritance would jeopardize their eligibility status for government benefits such as Medicaid and other much-needed programs. Instead, the funds from the trust are meant to help supplement the care your loved one receives in addition to the funds and services provided by the government.

Medicaid helps cover essential health care, food and shelter. The funds from the special needs or supplemental needs trust make it possible for the beneficiary to enjoy a higher standard of living, covering expenses for discretionary matters such as recreational activity, upgraded medical equipment and access to new, clinical trials for treatment that Medicaid does not or will not cover.

There are many other advantages to a special needs or supplemental needs trust, including:

  • An inheritance is a matter of public record if stated in a will that goes through the probate process, while trust payments remain private
  • The privacy from this kind of trust can help protect your child or vulnerable loved one from predatory behavior
  • A special needs trust will also ensure that your loved one is not disqualified from any further government aid because of the money that you have left in trust for them

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