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Metairie Child Custody Attorneys

In most divorces with children, both parents are very conscious of how their children’s lives will change and the need to protect them. Unfortunately, parents’ differing views on what is in children’s best interests often make deciding on a fair custody arrangement and visitation schedule very difficult. Battles over domiciliary status can be intense and traumatic for everyone involved.

Proven Mandeville and Metairie Attorney For Domiciliary Status Decisions And Advocacy

Michelle Demarest-Sunseri and Doug Sunseri are experienced Metairie and St. Tammany Parish-based child custody attorney who will help you form realistic goals and target the best possible outcome. We strongly encourage a balanced approach that genuinely puts children’s interests first, enabling mothers and fathers to maintain close relationships with their kids and avoid painful, costly litigation when possible.

Balanced, Effective Divorce Counsel · Modifications And Child Relocation Cases

Michelle and Doug will help you evaluate whether a collaborative divorce process or mediation may be the best approach for you and your family. She is also a tough, determined litigator equipped to handle complex, contested custody matters. Our firm’s knowledge and capabilities cover the spectrum of:

  • Negotiations, mediation or litigation to favorably resolve child custody and visitation matters in a Louisiana divorce — including the creation of detailed co-parenting plans tailored to the parties’ needs
  • Petitions for, and defense against, post-divorce modifications of child support , custody and visitation, or other orders that may be justified by changes in parents’ circumstances or children’s needs
  • Complete counsel and advocacy for either parent when the domiciliary parent intends to move away with children
  • Grandparents’ rights and other complex family law issues

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Decisions and commitments that will impact children’s futures call for careful analysis based on reliable information about the law. Whether you believe you and your divorcing spouse can settle custody and visitation amicably or anticipate serious difficulty getting together on these all-important issues, we are here to help. To talk through your situation and legal options face to face with respected family lawyers Michelle Demarest-Sunseri and Doug Sunseri, schedule a consultation today.

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