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Collaborative Divorce: Know Your Options

Marriages break down for many different reasons. Sometimes, couples recognize mutually that it is best to end the marriage and move on with their separate lives. While divorce is always a major, emotionally significant life event, it does not have to be a battle. If you and your spouse are able to communicate respectfully and willing to work together toward fair agreements, a collaborative law approach may be right for you.

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Filing For Divorce In Louisiana But Still Able To Work Together?

Attorney Michelle Demarest-Sunseri is a highly trained, certified collaborative professional who will help you carefully consider whether collaborative divorce is a good choice in your case. You can count on her for clear, honest guidance. Based on the complexity of disputed issues, emotional dynamics and other factors, she may also recommend mediation or a different approach.

Essentially, a collaborative divorce takes a team-based approach in a series of meetings outside the courtroom. Along with the parties’ attorneys, other collaborative professionals such as mental health coaches, child coaches and financial coaches participate as needed to help identify mutually acceptable, productive solutions to vital concerns such as child custody and marital property division. Key considerations include:

  • The goals of people who enter a collaborative law process may include protecting their children from unnecessary stress and grief, maintaining a measure of control that can be lost in court proceedings, managing total legal costs, and more.
  • Both parties must sign an agreement stipulating that they will negotiate in good faith and voluntarily disclose accurate information relevant to the case.
  • Should the collaborative process fail or break down, resulting in a contested divorce case, both parties will need to hire new lawyers.

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If you are unsure of how to resolve issues related to your divorce, a collaborative divorce lawyer with extensive experience and strong professional connections can help you decide how to proceed.

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