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Permanent Resident Status/Green Card

Permanent Resident status (Green Card) grants the privilege to permanently reside in the United States as an immigrant. Permanent Resident status does not grant:

  • citizenship of the United States
  • right to vote
  • automatic entry in the United States (permanent resident has to demonstrate he is admissible)
  • a guarantee that a person cannot be deported

Lawful Permanent Residence can be obtained based on several options:

Family Sponsored permanent residence — U.S. citizens may petition for spouses, parents, children and siblings. Permanent residents may petition for spouses and children.

Employment-based permanent residence categories:

  • EB-1 Foreign Nationals of Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Professors and Researchers and Multinational Executives and Managers
  • EB-2 Workers with Advanced Degrees or Exceptional Ability in the Sciences, Arts or Business
  • EB-3 Skilled Workers and Professionals
  • EB-4 Religious Workers
  • EB-5 Investor/Employment Creation Visas

DV Visas (the “Green Card Lottery”)

Permanent Residence based on refugee or asylee status

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