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Protecting against financial elder abuse

When most Louisiana residents consider the needs of their aging loved ones, the conversation usually turns to medical issues and overall well-being. People spend a great deal of time and effort trying to find the right nursing home setting for their aging parents or grandparents. They may also put significant effort into getting the best possible medical care. What is often overlooked is the risk of elder financial abuse.

Elder law questions do not have to halt Louisiana estate planning

Estate planning can be an intimidating process. Many Louisiana residents may easily become overwhelmed by the idea of dealing with assets, beneficiaries, long-term care plans and the other numerous life considerations that can go into elder law planning. However, parties do have options for seeking assistance and feeling less apprehensive about the prospect of creating a plan.

Could retirement communities play a role in elder law planning?

Many Louisiana residents commonly contemplate where they will live out their golden years. Though some individuals may consider moving in with their adult children or simply staying at home themselves, other people may want to take certain other factors into consideration, such as the possibility for needing long-term care. As a result, choosing a retirement destination may play a role in elder law planning.

Elder law: Louisiana residents may wish to plan ahead for care

Heath care is a common concern for many individuals across the country, including those in Louisiana. However, many parties have neglected certain areas of elder law that could help them plan for possible incapacitation and any needed long-term care. Additionally, numerous people have the mistaken idea that government benefits and insurance will pay for such care.

3 types of elder abuse you need to know about

Elder abuse can take place in any nursing facility or as a result of an at-home caretaker not caring for your family member appropriately. Elder abuse is a serious concern and not something to be taken lightly. Sometimes, this kind of abuse is physical, but it can also take other forms.

Elder law: Best estate planning tools may depend on beneficiaries

Louisiana residents often have a variety of assets to address when creating an estate plan. During estate planning and related elder law proceedings, creating an inventory and ensuring that all necessary property has been attended to is important. However, individuals may also want to make sure that the individuals they choose as beneficiaries are suited for the circumstances.

Aspects of elder law can help with life and death planning

Some individuals may consider a successful estate plan one that covers the needs and desires of the creator. Many people think that in order to cover those areas, a will is the only document needed. Because elder law can cover numerous areas of a Louisiana resident's life, exploring other planning documents may be prudent. 

Elder law: Remember to properly fund trusts

Avoiding complex situations is an instinct for numerous people. To many Louisiana residents, aspects of elder law can seem complicated and confusing, and as a result, they may avoid creating an estate plan. On the other hand, parties may think that they have their affairs in order, only for issues to arise later due to improper planning.

Lacking elder law info may leave Louisiana residents confused

When estate plans are mentioned, many Louisiana residents react differently. Because this area of elder law can cause some people to feel uncomfortable, they may not gain as much information as necessary to effectively create a plan. Therefore, some parties may skip planning or have the wrong idea about how thorough their plans are.

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